Is There a Secret to Making a Six Figure Income in Just a Few Days?

woman at computerIf you’re new to internet marketing, you might be thinking it’s an easy way to make money from home, sitting there in your pajamas with your computer as your only necessary tool.  You’ll just have to type a few words,  click a few buttons and PRESTO, the money starts rolling in.

Darn!  I wish it was that simple.  Okay, I admit, the title was just to draw you in.  As far as I know, there is no secret to making a six figure income in just a few days.  At least not when you’re just starting out.

Heck, if there was, everybody would be doing it.

Getting Started

Making money online involves building a business.  It will take time and money as every business does.  You just won’t have to start out needing as much money as you would if you were opening a physical brick and mortar business.

There definitely are ways to start making money online in a short period of time, just not hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In fact, if you fill in your name and email address in the sidebar opt-in form, I’ll send you a free report on how you can get started making money right now while you’re in the process of building your business.

I’ll also send you email tips to help you along the way.

Always think long term when you’re starting out online.  You want a business that will last for years to come, and that takes dedication, patience, and persistence.  Don’t grab every “shiny object” that comes along, thinking “maybe this will be the one that gets me that easy money”.

Find successful entrepreneurs and follow them.  Invest in a coaching program from someone that’s been there and has done most of the hard work for you and is willing to teach you what to do and what not to do, which is just as important.

Starting Out on a Low Budget

If you don’t have a budget that allows you to pay for a coaching program, then you’re in the right place.  I’m going to help you as much as possible to get started by sharing what I’ve learned myself in my pursuit of an online business.

One thing I know is that you do need multiple streams of income, meaning don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

One way to make money online is to create and sell Tee shirts through a company like Teespring.  But let’s say you’re doing that and making some good money, but all of a sudden that site shuts down for some reason.  There goes your entire income.  That’s why you need other sources of income as well.  If you lose one source, you’ll have others to fall back on.

Having said that, I don’t think it’s a good idea to try and set up multiple streams of income all at once.  Pick something you enjoy and feel you can spend some time and a little money on and become proficient at that one thing until you’re making money with it.  Then move on to the next project.

Information Overload

One definite hazard of starting a business online is information overload.  That’s something I’m still struggling with.  Here are some suggestions for organizing your information so it doesn’t overwhelm you too much:

  • Bookmark sites with good info and save them in files labeled with the type of info, such as Content, Image Sites, Seo, etc.
  • If you find PDFs with good information on how to write a good blog or something like that, download them and save them in a labeled file on your desktop or somewhere you can easily locate
  • Use XMind to organize your information, setting up categories such as Content, SEO, Affiliate programs, etc. and then subcategories such as under Content – How to write good titles, How to find good content subjects, Where to find images, etc. and then have links to those subjects
  • You can also use a spreadsheet with basically the same layout – Content, SEO, Images, How to create squeeze pages, Autoresponders (writing good emails) and the list goes on.  Then put links below each category taking you to the information so you can easily find what you need when you need it.

How To Get Started Toward That 6 Figure Income

You CAN make a 6 figure income online.  It’s being done every day.  But just don’t expect it to come immediately.  You’re going to have to work at it.

So, before you jump into internet marketing thinking you’re going to get rich in just a few weeks, decide what it is you really want to do – affiliate marketing, selling tee-shirts, taking surveys, buying and selling domains, building an ecommerce site, selling on Amazon or eBay or whatever other venture you might be interested in.

Start with that and learn all you can about it.

Figure out how much time and money you have to invest and write out some kind of business plan with your goals and the steps you need to take to get there.

Are you working at a full time business now?  You may only have morning and evening time to work on your computer – set aside an hour or 2 and put away all other distractions for that time period.

Are you home bound?  A stay at home mom?  Did you get laid off your current job?  Then maybe you have more time to devote to your computer business.  But even if you have a lot of time, you still need to stay focused and organized.  Set aside a certain amount of time to do research, build a blog, get traffic, learn new stuff – like maybe 20 minutes per task.

Well, I guess that’s enough for this post.  I apologize that I don’t actually know of any real secret to get rich quick, but if you stick with me, I do promise to share what I know over a period of time to help you on your way to eventual riches!

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8 thoughts on “Is There a Secret to Making a Six Figure Income in Just a Few Days?”

  1. Karleen, Thank you for this post. I found you in comments at I have been going in circles like a “chicken with my head cut off”, for weeks, trying to figure out how to set up a successful blog, where to put it, and if I really need my own website for what I am wanting to do. I will be writing how to articles DIY, about home redecorating, renovation, and decorating doing your own refinishing, rejuvenating, and re-purposing furnishings. I will also be doing show and tells on items that I have restored and or restyled that I will be selling in craft and antique shows, and online on etsy. I have great background in these areas, and have much to share.
    I know through my previous activity on Facebook, that I must set this all up the right way, the first time, because when you have to move your online presence, you lose followers. So at this point I am reaching out with a desperate cry for….. HELP!!! from any and all that feel they can guide me through the first steps I need to take. What I want and what I need may be two different things. Tell me and set me straight, if my wants are not my needs. Here is what I want: A Facebook Business Page – An Etsy Shop – A blog somewhere like Blog-her – A Pinterest account – a simple email address that ties the name to all these accounts. I want also to coordinate the name on all these accounts, so that it builds name recognition and web presence with search engines. I have no budget. Bless you for any and all help! … Cheryl

    1. Cheryl, thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! It sounds like you have a great idea here and lots of experience and knowledge to share. The nice thing is that you can get started setting things up without a budget, or at least with a very minimal one. You said you want to link everything together to build name recognition, etc. My first thought is do you have a name for your business or online presence figured out?

      It sounds like you would be able to build a great blog around all your knowledge with photos of what you’ve done, etc. so I would recommend first of all deciding on a name and registering it with Namecheap or GoDaddy. That will cost you a small amount, but once that’s done you’ll know that name is yours for whatever purposes you want to set it up for.

      As far as a Facebook business page, that’s pretty easy to set up. You shouldn’t have to move your online presence if you pick out the name for your business that you want to use and then stick with that. So I guess that’s my main advice – figure out what name you want. Then you would be using that with all your accounts. When you’re picking out a domain name, try to get one with a .com after it.

      To set up a blog, I would recommend using Hostgator. If you know you’ll only have the one domain, they start at $3.96 for their Hatchling plan and even a plan with unlimited domains, it’s just a little more. Once you set up an account with them, you can set up WordPress for your blog.

      I’ve not done anything with Etsy, so I’m not sure how to go about setting up that account, but I’m sure they have tutorials or something on the site.

      Let me know if you need more help. I’d be happy to help you with this as much as I can. I hope this helped at least a little! :-)

  2. I am under the understanding that Word Press makes you pay for a your blog if you are going to monetize it. I hope to eventually have businesses like the big box home stores, craft retailers, and manufacturers of products that I use purchase space on the blog. Also many manufacturers send some of the DIY craft and decorating bloggers, their products to try and evaluate, hoping for positive commentary. I am liking the looks of I believe they have no issues with their bloggers monetizing, and even encourage it. I have been spending a lot of time there researching, and studying what seems to take place on Blogher. It appears that there is a lot of cooperation between the crafting bloggers with shared posts and comments, in more support for each other than competitiveness. Now… I believe that I MUST have a website in order to have a business page with Facebook. I know it is required for many of their pages that are not individual pages. Personally, I could care less if I have a web page and think it is probably going to be more of a pain than pleasure, but I m guessing I must do this… but for the life of me can’t see how it will benefit me.
    Now to discuss the business name. I have not chosen one yet but I have 3/4 of a legal pad filled up with words that I like that could possibly be put together as a name. I think it is going to be impossible, but hope against hope, that I will be able to have the same name as my business name, for my email address, facebook page name, blog name, and etsy page name. You would be surprised how many names I have chosen that are not available because they are already being used on etsy and facebook. I have been beating my head up against a brick wall with this name thing for over two weeks. It is discouraging. I also know that I have to do something with the way to describe my web page, blog, etc., so that I show well in Google. My head hurts! LOL! Help with any suggestions that you can. Thank you.

    1. Cheryl, the only thing you have to pay for with WordPress is for hosting. I think almost everyone that has a WordPress site is monetizing. I just pay $9.95/mo for hosting through Hostgator and can monetize it any way I want. But if you are familiar with and like it, then that might be the way to go for you.

      And as far as I know, you really don’t have to have a website to have a FB business page. You can use the FB page to direct people to anywhere else you want to send them, such as your Etsy page or your blog or wherever. I’ve actually created a few pages on FB that aren’t related to any site. If you create an Etsy site or page and have a FB page related to crafts or whatever, you can post something from your Etsy page right on your FB page and when someone clicks on it, it will take them directly to your Etsy page. Does that make sense?

      I understand the frustration of the business name. Keep working at it. You might even just settle on using something with your own name, such as “Cheryl’s DIY Crafting” or “Redecorating With Cheryl” or something to that effect.

      As far as working on search engine optimization so Google can find your site, just focus one thing at a time. Get the name figured out and set up your site, page, whatever you decide to do and you can work on the SEO after that. Hope this helps a little!

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