Can I Make Money Taking Surveys?

No Investment

There are many ways to make money online without having a website or even any start-up investment and taking surveys is one of them.

Although I have to admit this isn’t the best way to make money online, it was one of the first that came to mind, so I’m going to go with it and let you decide if it’s something you want to pursue.


  • No start-up costs
  • No website needed
  • Kind of a fun way to spend some time
  • You don’t need any techie knowledge
  • Anyone can do it, although there are age limits on some sites


Before you jump into this, I have to say it’s a risky way to make money online and you won’t make a lot.

If you’re just looking for a little extra pocket money, though, it might be an easy way to do it that just takes some time set aside each day.  You would not have to make any investment.


The reason I say it’s risky is that not all survey sites are scrupulous.  Some have spyware and viruses, so you would want to be sure you have good virus protection before signing up to these sites, just in case.

You would also definitely want to read their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to make sure they don’t sell email addresses before you give them yours.

If you do decide to take surveys, set up an email account just for that, so that if you do start getting spammy emails, you can close that account without it effecting anything important.

There are several free email providers you could find :, yahoo, gmail and others.

Also, don’t give out your phone #.  That opens the door for telemarketers.  Even if you’re on the Do Not Call list, they can get around that by saying you signed up for information from their company.

You should never have to pay up front to any company to take surveys.  If they ask you to, cross that one off your list and move on to the next one.

There are a lot of survey sites out there and it is really a matter of checking them out first before signing up.  One way you can do that is go to Google search and type in the name of the survey site with the word “reviews” after it.  Read what people have to say about it, but even at that, make sure they are not reviews from the company itself, as that would obviously be written to get more business and wouldn’t be an objective view.

More Things to Consider

Now, if after reading the warnings about taking surveys to make a little extra money, you decide you would like to give it a try, here are a few more things to consider:

  • You will need to set a chunk of time aside each day to work on this.  Some surveys are short, some are long.
  • Check out how you get paid.  Some pay cash, some pay in gift cards or products.  And make sure their minimum payout amount is reasonable, such as $20.
  • Read the fine print.  Sometimes it will look like you have won an XBox or something of big value, but if you read the small print it might say “you could win …  if you …”  or “you may have already won…”
  • Look for companies with good ratings. and allow members to rate survey companies, which will help cut out the unscrupulous ones.
  • Be sure to check your email after signing up to a site.  You’ll need to confirm the sign-up and make sure to add that site to your contacts so the emails don’t go into your spam folder.  It’s important to watch your email every day to get fresh surveys.

Also, when you sign up to a company, they’ll ask you for basic information and later will need your Paypal email address to send you payment.

If you aren’t signed up with Paypal, this might be a good time to do that.  For something like this, you could just have a personal Paypal account.  But later, if you plan on branching out to other income streams, you might want to upgrade to a Premium or Business account.

Important First Survey

Now, when you’re all signed up with a survey company, usually the first survey you’ll get will be one that won’t pay you anything, but will give the company important information about who you are and what kind of surveys to send you.

Don’t skimp on this one.  It would be easy to fly through it, answer a few questions and move on to the paying surveys.  The thing is that you want them to send you surveys that apply to you.  If you’re a teen-age male, you might not want to get a survey about what kind of household cleaning products you use.

Speaking of teens, this is a way for teens to make a little spending money.  However, some sites do have an age limit, so again be sure to read the fine print and the Terms and Conditions.

Do Your Research

There are legitimate survey companies out there that you can make money with.

Just remember that you don’t have to fill out any surveys you don’t want to fill out.  Look for the best ones for you to make money with.

Some companies may only offer a couple of surveys a month, so be sure to check your email account every day so you don’t miss them.

Find companies with good ratings and sign up with a few to get started.  If you find that you like taking surveys and have enough time in your day to do it, then sign up with a few more companies.

Just be careful.  Read the legal stuff.  Don’t ever pay a survey company.  They pay you.  If they ask you for money, run.

Let me know how it goes.  Come back and leave me a comment after you’ve taken a few surveys.  Does it work for you?  Did you find a good survey company you’d like to share?

Also, if you’d like to find out other ways to get started making money online, put your name and email address in the box on the right and I’ll send you a free report and get you signed up for making-money tips and treasures!  Thanks!

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