A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

An Image Can Stimulate Our Minds

So you’ve started your blog and you’re wondering how you can spice it up a bit.

You believe your content is pretty good quality, you’re offering solutions to your readers’ problems, you’re throwing in some personal experiences, empathizing with your audience.

But something’s missing. Old Man

You need a visual.

Sometimes a picture will convey what you just can’t quite get across with words alone.

A good photo or visual image will stick with us.  It can bring the content to life, tell a story,  stimulate our minds and help get the creative juices flowing.  An entire story could be written about the man in this image here.

Where Are They?

So, how or where do you find these images and how much will they cost?

There are several photo image sites with great images, but …….

You can’t just grab any photo you want and post it on your site.  You have to read the usage terms.

  • Many photos have copyrights.
  • You may have to pay to use them.
  • Some you can use just for personal use, not commercial.
  • Some you can use but you have to give the photographer credit.   Stock Free Images has a section in the Terms and Conditions that says:  Credit Line Requirements:
    All images can be downloaded and used free of any charge at web size. All images downloaded for free used online must be accompanied by a visible credit line in HTML format, whenever the workspace permits it (articles, blogs, etc). The credit line is optional but highly recommended for images downloaded using any of our subscription plans. The copyright notice and author/agency credit must be added next to each image used within editorial purposes. The credit line format, HTML format included, is provided on the download page. Suggestive examples: “© Photographer name / StockFreeImages.com “, “© Username / StockFreeImages.com “, “Photo courtesy of StockFreeImages.com” etc.
  • And then there are those that are public domain and can be used for free without having to give credit.

Finding Free Images

One place you can find free images is usa.gov.  Most of the photos and images on that site are free to use.

However, as with any photo or image you want to use, you should always visit the site it came from and make sure it’s not protected by any license or copyright.

To find images on usa.gov, just type in the subject  you want images for at the top of the home page in the search bar.  Hit “Search”.  On the left, click on Images.  The link to the site the photo came from is beneath the photo.  Just go to that site and see if there are any written limitations on using the photo.  So far I haven’t found any.

Another even better way to find free images and photos is to use the Google search bar.

  • Type in the subject, hit search
  • At the top of that page click on “images”
  • Over on the top right hand side you’ll see a gear icon.  Click on that gear and in the drop down list, click “advanced search”
  • Find “usage rights” at the bottom of the advanced search page
  • Click on the drop down list and you’ll see a few options
  • Click on “free to use or share, even commercially”
  • Click the “Advanced Search” box

Once again, just to be safe, you should make a quick trip to the site providing the image to be sure it is free to use.

More Image Sites

Here are a few more sites that offer free and paid images but may have some conditions attached so read the terms and conditions before using them:

Do you have a favorite image site?  Share it in the comments below and thanks for visiting!








We have not received any compensation for writing this post. We have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that we have mentioned.

2 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

    1. Hi John, Sorry it took me so long to reply. I’ve been away from my computer for a few days. As for linking to an image source, it depends on what the terms are for the type of picture you’re using. For instance, with Flickr, here is what they say about using an image from that site: “Our members share an incredible amount of amazing work on Flickr. If there is an image you’d like to use, look for the “Request to license” link near the license on the photo page. We’ve partnered with Getty Images who will review the image, determine if it’s a good fit for licensing through them, and work out all the details if so.

      Not all members have this enabled. If you don’t see it you can also contact the member directly. As a member of Flickr, you can move your mouse over someone’s buddy icon and click the little arrow to open the “person menu.” Then select “Send FlickrMail” and compose your message. When you contact a photographer, it’s best to include as much info as possible about the photo, yourself, and how you want to use the photo.” http://www.flickr.com/help/general/#147

      It’s always best to do a little research into any photo you want to use to see what they require. Sometimes it does take a little searching to find out if you have to link back to them or give them credit, but it’s better to take a little time and effort now than have to pay later.

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