Panic and a Guardian Angel


The word itself can raise your blood pressure, increase your heart rate.  Panic can make you do things you would never do if you were thinking rationally.

I know you’re wondering how panic and a guardian angel can have anything to do with internet marketing for beginners.  But read on and you’ll see.

There have been two times in my life that I can think of when I really panicked.  I mean brain freeze kind of panic.

Out of Control

One time was when my ’68 Ford Fairlane suddenly careened out of control down Main street in Spokane, WA. many many years ago as I pulled away from a parking spot.

Of course I didn’t know what was happening at the time, but the engine mounts had broken causing the engine to twist and fall, totally screwing up the transmission.

It felt like the accelerator pedal had stuck. That car was screaming down Main street and I was trying everything I could think of to stop it!  I was practically standing on the brakes and it just kept going.

The engine was roaring, the brakes were screaming and I was approaching a red light.

What Do I Do?

When panic sets in you don’t think straight.  You act on instinct, not out of a thought process.  Being only 18 yrs old, I didn’t have a lot of driving experience to draw my instincts from.

I panicked.

I was honestly about to bail out when my guardian angel arrived.

A man ran up to my driver’s side door and yelled  “turn off the ignition!!”

Wow!  I hadn’t thought of that!  I hadn’t thought of anything.  I couldn’t think.  I was in panic mode.

So I turned off the ignition and it stopped.  No more roaring out of control.  No more screaming brakes.

Silence. Peace. Safety.  No one got killed that day because of me.  I tried to find the man that saved me but he was gone.

Lessons Learned

I haven’t had to use that “turn off the ignition” bit of information since then, fortunately, but it’s there in my memory bank if I ever need it again.  And I know if that particular situation were to occur again, I wouldn’t panic.  Because I now know what to do.

There are three lessons I want you to get out of this little story.
When learning to make money online, it can be overwhelming.

  • You’ve got other things going on in your life
  • You’re being pulled in several directions
  • You might be having financial problems
  • Your life is screaming out of control.

And there’s a red light up ahead.

You’re wondering, “is it worth it?  Will I ever really create a successful online business?”

1.  Don’t give up and bail out. Turn off the ignition.  Breathe.  Go take a walk, work in the garden, read a book, take some time out just for yourself.  Find some peace and bask in it for as long as you can, even if it’s only a few minutes.

2.  There is always a solution to every problem.  Sometimes we don’t have that solution at our fingertips so we have to look to others to get it.

When someone gives you that solution, take it.  In internet marketing there are a lot of situations you might find yourself in that are driving you toward panic because you don’t know what to do.  There are obstacles you can’t seem to get around.

Once again, don’t give up.  The solutions are out there.  Look for them.  Look for someone that can help you find the answers.

3.  Outsmart your panic response.

The solutions to the emergency situation will be within your grasp.

The thing that once might have driven you to bail out and forget about making money online is now a bit of useful information in your brain and you can share your knowledge with others.

Have you learned a life’s lesson from a similar experience?  Share it in the comments below.   I’d love to hear from you.


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6 thoughts on “Panic and a Guardian Angel”

  1. What a scary experience. I’m not surprised that you have never forgotten what happened and your guardian angel. It was a good metaphor for finding a solution to what ever may happen. I hope you don’t ever need to use that information again.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jenny! I’m hoping I never have to use that info again too! And just a word of advise – I saw a thing on TV that said if you ever lose control of your car on the freeway like if the accelerator pedal gets stuck, don’t turn off the key, but rather put it in neutral so you’ll have some control while it comes to a stop. But in a downtown situation like I was in, that was the appropriate thing to do. (Just a little side knowledge to file away)

  2. I was in downtown Camdenton, MO. It is a small town in a rural but recreational lakes area. I was there to sell advertising for a regional tourism and outdoor lifestyle publication. Because I was there to make professional calls, I was dressed to the hilt and had on a pair of the most sweet, sexy, and beautiful red spike heels imaginable. They had these wonderful, adorable red leather shoestrings that tied into a bow right at the top of the ankle. Traffic was heavy due to the tourist season. The truck in front of me was a huge old lumber truck, that had no guard centered below the center of it’s flat bed. The truck put on it’s breaks. It was far ahead of me but because of the traffic, I was going to break to slow down. My spike heel had gone through the car carpeting and was stuck and I couldn’t free my foot from the accelerator. I yanked and yanked, but my foot still would not come loose from the carpet. I was coming closer and closer to the back bed of the truck. My body had broken out in a well of sweat and it was running into my eyes. My hair and dress were soaked in sweat. My entire life flashed before me in those seconds as I looked at the height of the truck bed, realizing that it was at the same height as my dashboard, and my car would be driving right under the truck if I couldn’t stop. I would be decapitated. There were pedestrians on the sides of the narrow street to my right and oncoming traffic to my left. I knew I was going to die. In the split second before I hit the back of the truck bed a voice in my head said, swerve into his right wheel, and I swerved the front of the car, aiming for the truck’s right rear tires. It stopped the car… I was knocked out, and came to in an ambulance. They had removed my shoes to get me out of the car. I had minor injuries. The car was totaled. I never wore the shoes again.

    1. Oh my gosh, Cheryl! That must have been terrifying! I’m so glad you weren’t seriously hurt and I totally understand you never wearing those shoes again! So much for sweet and sexy, huh?

  3. Thanks Karleen. I should have mentioned how long ago this had taken place. The accident was over 25 years ago. The sexy shoes have, unfortunately, had to be traded for more matronly attire. My poor feet have been tromped to death by decades of wearing shoes more stylish than comfortable. They have become so tender that I couldn’t begin to wear the styles that I used to wear.

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