How To Make Something Bigger Than Yourself

all about meGet Rid of the Me Monster

I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit of  a Me Monster.  I’ve run a couple of offline businesses that were one person businesses.  I was  the owner, operator and only employee.   I’ve always liked it that way.

I know what needs to get done WILL get done.  And it will get done the way I want it done.  It’s all about ME!

But now I’m getting older.  I’ve always been pretty healthy, but what if something were to happen to me?   Something that put me out of commission for a couple days, a couple weeks?  I couldn’t work so therefore there would be no income.

Revelation – It’s Not All About Me

I’ve finally come to realize it’s not all about me.

Hopefully you’re not like me.  Hopefully you can understand that to build a successful business on OR offline you need to make it bigger than yourself.

You need a vision of the future.  You can’t expand when it’s all about you, when you’re the employer and the only employee.

You might be wondering how you can make your business bigger than yourself when you’re just starting out online.

There are a few ways.

Find Someone You “Click” With

Get involved with other online marketers, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.  You can do this by getting into a coaching program, getting involved in forums and developing relationships with other people interested in growing an online business.

There are a lot of people out there making a living in the same niche you’re in, whatever that might be.

You just have to find that one person you “click” with.

You might have a favorite blog you frequent, leaving comments and reading others’ comments.  If you check out the blogs of those others leaving comments, you might find someone you could possibly team up with.  Send them an email, see what they think, where they’re at in their business, what would they think of teaming up to expand both businesses.  The worst they can say is “no”.

Teaming up with another person could give you the opportunity to create and sell info products, plug-ins, themes, apps, courses, etc.  – things that maybe you know something about but need a little help getting them on the market.

Don’t Forget About Outsourcing

Another way to start making your business bigger than yourself could involve outsourcing.

Let someone else do some of your content creation, website design, even keyword research or other tasks you aren’t really interested in doing or don’t have the time to do.

This lets you focus of what you really enjoy doing and gives you the time to expand your business because you’re not wasting that time on mundane tasks.

Brett’s Buying Network

Just this week I did something to move toward making my business bigger than myself.  I got involved in a team buying network called Brett’s Buying Network.

I know, it sounds like it might be something all about an egotistical guy named Brett, but actually that was the only name he could get that wasn’t already taken.

I can assure you he’s just the opposite.  His name is Brett Bartlett and he’s one of the most genuine honest marketers out there.

His main source of income comes from selling on Amazon, and he makes enough to support two families.

He just created a team networking membership where team members purchase large quantities of products together, sell them on Amazon and get paid according to the percentage each member bought in for.

It’s a little difficult to explain it all here, so I’ve put in a link to the Spreecast video where he explains it Here.

His home team does all the physical work of finding products, storing, boxing them up, shipping, administrating – everything.

The online team members just have to join together to purchase the items so that we can get large quantities for a lower price and sell them for a profit.

But that’s only part of it.  Brett and his team will be creating “power brands” – new products and product lines that will only be available to his team members to sell.

The Vision

You see, Brett has a vision.  He’s seen beyond the Me Monster and is creating a business WAY bigger than himself.

And he’s invited anyone who wants to join him to get on the band wagon.

It’s risky.

It’s long term.

We won’t even see our first profit (if any at all) for at least three months.

But it’s the beginning of building a business that’s bigger than myself.

It’s just an example and I’m not suggesting you buy into it.  I’m just pointing out one of many ways to expand your business.  And I’m trying to emphasize the importance of regarding your business as a long term investment that can only grow if you reach out to others.

However, if you think you might be interested in checking out the Buying Network, here is the link to join and sign up.  This is an affiliate link, so if you join through this link I will get a small commission.

I realize this is a new business model starting up, but of course the more people that join, the more potential we all have to reap the benefits, and the more streams of income we have, the more money we’ll make!

But really, it’s the vision of seeing into the future that I’m trying to impress on you – seeing the potential for great things to happen when you set aside the Me Monster.

When you say “I don’t want to do this alone” and reach out to others for support, when you find that person or group to team up with – that’s when the sky’s the limit, when you know you’re not alone and you’re on your way to creating something way bigger than yourself.

Now, please do me a favor and share or “like” this post if you were inspired in any way, or just leave a comment below.  Thanks for stopping by!  :-)


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